82 1/2 Spring Street
MLS# 20031027

Property Information
Square Feet
Year Built 1885

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Located in the highly desirable Elliottborough neighborhood on the corner of Spring and Ashe Streets. Two businesses currently occupy this property. This property is within The Short Term Rental Overlay District and is eligible for a commercial short term rental permit. The property can continue to be used as a duplex or can easily be converted to a single unit as the interior staircase partially continues to exist. Listed in the 1961 edition of The Travelers' Green Book as Mrs Mayes Tourist Home this property was one of the few places that provided lodging for African Americans as they traveled through Charleston during the days of segregation. The first floor is approximately 1432 sq ft and the second floor is approximately 1269 sq. ft and both consists of 5 rooms and a full bathroom.

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